Dianné Jean Aldrich


Dianné Jean Aldrich is an Integrated Wellness Expert with more than 25 years of experience. She has a dynamic background in the healing arts and enjoys sharing her passion and expertise with a wide audience.

She taught dance in New York City for more than 14 years and now owns and runs her own business, 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, LLC, an integrated wellness, dance, yoga, qigong and pilates studio in Monona.

Those who work with her can anticipate a genuine connection from the heart, a precision approach to assessing and correcting inefficient structural and neuromuscular habits, and improved overall well-being. She is masterful at creating sacred space for peace, healing and spiritual growth.


After 30 years of work with her beloved master teachers and elders, the past 15 of those years with Incan Chasqui Willaru Huayta, Dianné Jean Aldrich envisioned creating a space that would be an inspiration to others as they considered taking care of their physical, mental and spiritual health. As an Integrated Wellness Expert, she brings a special spiritual connection to her work with people and to the EcoSpace that is the hallmark of her lifetime of training in the worlds of dance, fitness, coaching and ritual. Based in New York City for over 14 years, Dianné returned to Dane County to enjoy the pleasures of being a mother in this family friendly part of the Midwest and to offer back to her community of origin all that she has gained in the way of experience, knowledge, pilgrimage, prayer and divine inspiration.




A New People Choice Award Recipient 2015
A dedicated Global Citizen who is Leading from the Heart!
Forward Together: Solutions for Our Future and A New People Choice Awards!