Ceremonial Yoga

Ceremonial Yoga



Take Your Yoga to the Next Level!

An adequate level of fitness is desired for participation in this class.  Movement, Core Strength, Cardio, Deep Breathing, Stretching, Mantra and Meditation are all utilized for an in-depth, highly integrated, multi-dimensional experience.

Did you know the Celtic Runes each signify a physical yogic moving posture that relates to its inherent cosmic message? As we inhabit the posture of the Rune; we become the energetic imprint of the Rune itself. We experience an infusion of conscious, cosmic energy and the subtle balance of nature, body, mind and spirit.  Powerful!

Ceremonial Yoga was divinely inspired by the book “Magic of the Runes” by Samael aun Weor and is led by ‘The 2015 People’s Choice Award” recipient Dianné Jean Aldrich.


When:  Next Session TBA: In the meantime, join us for Tuesday Evening Mystery School Workshop.  The concepts of Ceremonial Yoga will be explored.

Where:  Your Urban Retreat: 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, Monona, WI, 6020 Kristi Circle.

Cost:  Next Session $TBA.  Drop In Single Class $30.  Pre-registration required.

Class Size: Limited to 7 Students.