I loved your Luigi class. I spend most of the day at work using my brain, not my body, so it was the perfect antidote. Thank you.

I wanted to let you know that I’m performing on Monday night for Chancellor Wiley’s “An Evening of Celebration” on Monday at the Overture Center. I would love to see you there. On another note – I just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know how much I reflect on your class that I took freshman year. I remember my end of the semester project was a collage that I did of Africa… I don’t remember if I told you, but I went to Africa this summer to study dance and drumming. I know that my passion was initially sparked in your class, which is why I’m excited even to just tell you that I have a solo part in C. Walker’s piece! The first day of your class you had us get up individually and dance/speak to reflect how we were either emotionally, physically, mentally, or spiritually feeling. I was scared to death to do that on the first day of class. When I journal now I often use those as guiding points for my reflections. I feel like if today I was given the assignment, I no longer would be scared in my own body. Even just working with all the bodily awareness that we did in your class…I STILL remember and do the warmup you taught us in your
class. I’m in Somatics this semester and am remembering so many breath elements that we worked with. I’m so grateful that I had you as a teacher and a mentor. You have inspired me more than you know to continue dancing.

I am with much gratitude tonight for our connection, you are a wise one and I thank you for today as well as thanking Great Spirit for direction to you and those I have been directed. I felt so different when I left your house and got into the truck to drive home, I truly didn’t think with the short time of work we did I would notice, but I felt like I had a workout with my body worker. I found my posture different as I was driving home. I wasn’t even trying to but what kept coming to me was sitting in alignment with my head shoulders on down to my seat. My body recognized something I didn’t, you are truly a sacred, wise teacher and you shine with much light

I have thought about you on several occasions as I thought you were the best instructor and you taught me a lot, not just pilates

When i think of (Dianné Aldrich), I think of a holistic and intuitive healer that is able to address a person or a couple as a whole through the physical, the mental, and the spiritual layers, using a toolkit that is so varied and impressive, from rolfing, to yoga, to regular massage, to pilates, to dance, to runes, to meditation, to marriage counseling, to spiritual practices. Her background as a dancer and healer gives her the expertise to make assessments and intuit the root cause of a person’s ailment and devise a healing program using a toolkit that suits the individual.