Core & Restore

Core & Restore

New Rules Of Posture




Formerly Sustainable Bodies, Sustainable Minds

Explore how you, too, can move from pain, inactivity, depression, resistance to life’s joy, poor posture into a new understanding of how your body-mind-spirit connection is easily re-trained from old, limiting habits into a new freedom of vitality and effortless effort. Apply the content of this multi-week week workshop and ongoing class into every part of your life including your physical activities, work, intimate relationships and connection through your five senses to the earth and all its wonders.

It’s my experience that people who understand and respect their bodies tend to have an open and compassionate perspective on life. My mission, as a writer, teacher and bodyworker, is to help people further that understanding and respect. I believe that becoming more attuned to our physical experience affects the choices we make in relation to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, our environment and to our planet. My mission, then, is to contribute to humanity’s deeper embodiment.

We cannot separate posture from movement or activity from how we stabilize our bodies in order to act. How we stabilize ourselves determines our posture and the freedom, efficiency, and grace with which we move. The essence of posture, then, is the unique way in which each of us negotiates between moving and holding still in relationship to gravity.

~Mary Bond


4Pillars4Health EcoSpaceREGISTER HERE

Core & Restore 55+

When:  Wednesdays 11:00 am – 11:55 am,  March 25 – June 10   (No Classes 4/8 – 4/29)

Where:  4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, Monona, WI, 6020 Kristi Circle.

Cost:  8 Week Spring Session $200.  Drop In Single Class $30.  Pre-registration required.  

Class Size:  Limited to 6 students.

Who: All levels of experience and physical fitness welcome!  Especially geared to those 55 years of age and older.


UW-Health @ The American Center: REGISTER HERE  

Core & Restore

When:  Mondays 10:00 am – 11:00 am, July 13 – August 3

Where:  UW-Health @ The American Center

Cost: 4 Week Summer Session $40.

Class Size:  Limited to 8 students.

Who: All levels of experience and physical fitness welcome!


UW-Health @ The American Center: REGISTER HERE  

Core & Restore 2

When:  Mondays 9:00 am – 10:00 am, July 13 – August 3

Where:  UW-Health @ The American Center

Cost: 4 Week Summer Session $40.

Class Size:  Limited to 8 students.

Who: Previous students of Core & Restore at UW-Health with Dianné Jean Aldrich or permission of instructor.

Please contact us for more information!


In Their Words:

Reflections by participants of Core & Restore

Post workshop evaluation: Has your current physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual lifestyle become any more sustainable over the past 10+ weeks?

“Definitely! No lower back pain!!! Kids tantrums rarely phase me!!” -A.P.

“Have more respect for the connection between the physical and the others – finding out that posture has more and more to do with my outlook on life – much more awareness of physical strong and weak points.” -G.V.

“All of the things listed above have either improved or (been) added to/enhanced by this class! Better focus, confidence, attitude. Improved shoulder flexibility and stronger more flexibility in my back. Considering the political and seasonal climate I’m keeping a positive attitude. Thank you!” P.M.

Post workshop evaluation: Did you enjoy attending this workshop? Did this workshop meet or exceed your expectations?

”Yes. I didn’t know what to expect. I really liked the experience.” P.M.

”Yes. Yes. I have already recommended it to others. Thank you so much for your knowledge, caring.” G.V.

”Very Much! Has far exceeded my expectations! I didn’t think it would be life-changing but it really has been. I have told everyone that knows I take this class that I think it should be a requirement in school! It’s something that absolutely everyone would benefit from and would prevent much future pain & suffering!” A.P.