Mystery School Workshop

Mystery School Workshop




Avatar Teachings for the Aquarian Age

Messages & Meditations inspired by the teachings of Willaru Huayta and the Masters of the Esoteric Science.  Workshop with Dianné Jean Aldrich includes an Introduction to calm the nervous system and center the mind, Teachings and a relevant Practice, Sharing from the Heart and time for Question/Answer.

Topics that may be discussed:

  • Three Steps to the Revolution of our Consciousness
  • Wisdom of the Father – Love of the Mother
  • Journey from your Head to your Heart to your Soul
  • How to negotiate the Karma and earn the Dharma
  • The Sideral Year of the Gods
  • Awakening of the Consciousness in 108 Lifetimes
  • Cycles of 7; Raising your Musical Note
  • Sacred Sexual Alchemy and the Perfect Matrimony
  • Service, Discipleship, Initiation and Ascension
  • Crisis, Courage, Cycles & the Sound of the Soul

*Understanding the inherent truth that the cycles of life, death, nature, politics, health, relationships, and all that we experience respond to the universal law of ebb and flow; we take up our Sacred Courage in the midst of Crisis and commune with the Sound of our Soul for guidance, growth, transformation and power.

Mystery School Workshop: Spring 2019

When: Tuesday Evenings, April 9th – June 11th, 7:30 – 9:30 pm

Summer Session: June 25 – July 30

What:  Practical Meditation: Teachings from Peru

Where: 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona WI 53716

Cost: $40

Who:  All those interested in the ESSENCE of the religious/spiritual traditions and how this ESSENCE can dramatically transform the daily life into one of tranquility, purpose, compassion and spiritual power.


April 9th:  Chakana; Introduction to the Inca Cross

April 16th:  Crystal Skull; Dissolving the Illusion of Death

April 23rd:  Rebirth; Sacred Sexual Alchemy

April 30th:  Unconditional Love; By Example We Ascend

May 7th:  Cosmic Consciousness; Our Universal ORS Family

May 14th:  The Electric Human; Chakras, Energy and Willpower

May 21st:  A Chasqui Rises; Telepathy and Intuition

May 28th:  NO CLASS

June 4th:  INTI~INRI; I Am Light, We Are Light, They Are Light

June 11th:  Continuity of Consciousness; Dimensions of Mastery


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