Mystery School Workshop

Mystery School Workshop




Avatar Teachings for the Aquarian Age

Messages & Meditations inspired by the teachings of Willaru Huayta and the Masters of the Esoteric Science.  Workshop evenings include a Qigong practice to calm the nervous system and center the mind, Sharing from the Heart with Dianné Jean Aldrich and time for Question/Answer.

Topics that may be discussed:

  • Three Steps to the Revolution of our Consciousness.
  • Wisdom of the Father – Love of the Mother:
  • Journey from your head to your heart.
  • How to negotiate the Karma and earn the Dharma.
  • The Sideral Year of the Gods.
  • Awakening of the Consciousness in 108 Lifetimes.
  • Cycles of 7; Raising your musical note.
  • Sacred Sexual Alchemy and the Perfect Matrimony.
  • Service, Discipleship, Initiation and Ascension.


Mystery School Workshop

When: Tuesday Evenings 7 – 9 pm

Where: 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona WI 53716

Cost: 8 Week Spring Session: $280. Drop In Single Class $40.  Pre-Registration Recommended.

Who:  All those interested in the ESSENCE of the religious/spiritual traditions and how this ESSENCE can dramatically transform the daily life into one of tranquility, purpose, compassion and spiritual power.


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