Meditation In Motion: Qigong

Meditation In Motion: Qigong




Qigong (also spelled chi kung) is translated from the Chinese to mean “energy cultivation” or “working with the life energy.” Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations. Its techniques are designed to improve and enhance the body’s qi. According to traditional Chinese philosophy, qi is the fundamental life energy responsible for health and vitality.


Expected Results of Shaolin Qigong:

  • Learn the skills to be at the same time focused and relaxed.
  • Experiment a significant increase of energy level, thus being able to face any situation with optimum potential. In Chinese, good Qi also means good luck.
  • Be able to generate an abundant internal energy flow to prevent or overcome diseases, clearing physical, emotional and mental blockages, dissolving unconscious and conscious tensions, harmonizing all the systems of the body (respiratory, nervous, immune, hormonal…)
  • Acquire a simple and efficient method to control and release stress.
  • Acquire the power to concentrate better and for longer periods of time.
  • Experience inner peace and an increased joy of living.
  • Feel anchored in the Now, through awareness of the inner energy field of your body.
  • Be perfectly equipped at the end of the course to practice efficiently on one’s own.
  • Heightened awareness, even when not formally practicing Qigong.
  • Joyful sense of aliveness, inhabiting oneself from within, aware, at ease and natural.
  • Intimacy with the life force and with nature.
  • On a holistic level, the practice of this Art leads to the mastery of the Art of Living, simply and harmoniously, in all circumstances.


Meditation In Motion:Qigong at 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace:  REGISTER HERE

When:  Wednesdays, 12:00 Noon, March 25 – June 10  (No Classes 4/8 – 4/29)

Where:  4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, Monona, WI, 6020 Kristi Circle.

Cost:  8 Week Spring Session: $200  Drop In Single Class $30.  Pre-registration required.  

Class Size:  Limited to 14 students.

Who: All levels of experience welcome!


Meditation In Motion-Aerial at UW-Health @ The American Center:  REGISTER HERE

When:  Mondays 11:30 am – 12:15 pm, July 13 – August 3

Where:  The Wellness Studio, UW-Health @ The American Center

Cost:  4 Week Summer Session $40

Class Size:  Limited to 8 students.

Who: All levels of experience welcome!

What:  Take a short break from your day and set the tone for your week ahead. Relieve physical tension, mental stress, emotional imbalance and energetic stagnation. Meditation in Motion will offer you the gifts of joy, ease, increased focus and productivity while relieving tension, stress and helping to balance energy levels. In this Aerial version we will explore the benefits of being held in an aerial yoga hammock in addition to our grounding practice.


Your Qigong Teacher:  Dianné Jean Aldrich is a long time student of Sifu Pragata and has been teaching under his blessing for nearly a decade.  Dianné has dedicated her entire life to comprehending the intricate relationship between body, mind, spirit and the energy that connects them.  As an international Performing Artist/Dancer/Choreographer/Producer based in New York City for more than 14 years she has had the extraordinary opportunity to perform on the most prestigious stages in the world and align with the greatest teachers of our time in multiple disciplines.  She believes that Qigong, the cultivation of and intelligent use of energy, is at the heart of all disciplines be it dance, meditation, yoga, sports, recreation or martial arts.  Dianné is the owner of the powerfully inspiring and ultimately peaceful wellness center 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace located in Monona, WI.  She is the host and facilitator of the Ancient Mother MoonLodge for women which meets the first Sunday of every month and she envisioned, coordinated and carried out the Lake Monona Water Walk 2012 – 2015.  Dianné is the recipient of the prestigious The People Choice Award 2015.

Sifu Pragata’s vision and understanding of Shaolin Qi Gong

True Qigong is fundamentally a meditation in movement technique, a training in attention and awareness, with exceptionally beneficial side effects on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Meditators, artists, creators, intellectuals, businessmen, sportsmen, diseased, disabled, as well as high level athletes will fully benefit from the discovery and practice of this Art, experiencing a quantum leap in whatever one is into.

Shaolin Qigong can be practiced on three different levels: the level of Form (or physical exercise); the level of Energy (making a conscious effort to increase energy and clear blockages); and the level of Mind (where a heightened state of consciousness enables the practitioner to manipulate energy to effect healing).

For further reading about Qigong please visit Sifu Pragata’s website.

Contact us and experience the Qigong state of mind for yourself!