Vibrant Love Mystery School

Vibrant Love Mystery School



Avatar Teachings for the Aquarian Age

Messages from the HEART of the Andean Masters
Facilitated by Dianné Jean Aldrich

Topics that may be discussed:

  • Three Steps to the Revolution of our Consciousness.
  • Wisdom of the Father – Love of the Mother:
  • Journey from your head to your heart.
  • How to negotiate the Karma and earn the Dharma.
  • The Sideral Year of the Gods.
  • The Awakening of the Consciousness in 108 Lifetimes. The Cycles of 7; Raising your musical note.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops:

Willaru Huayta will join us in Monona during April of 2017 for Mystery School Teachings!  Check the home page for more information. 

Please contact us for more information!