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Precision Pilates & Healing Bodywork

Identify ~ Restore ~ Integrate ~ Strengthen


Precision Pilates & Healing Bodywork is a gift of health and happiness for your body, mind and heart. 
This Introductory Series meets you where you are at and identifies the next right step to meet your personalized healing, recovery, training, weight loss and/or physical fitness goals. 
The combination of precision Pilates for deep integration and healing bodywork for lasting benefit are fundamental to the reprogramming of musculoskeletal challenges. When combined with attention to the interdependent energy systems, inefficient and ineffective patterns can be transformed for renewed vitality, health and strength.
Each session is individually designed to meet the needs of your specific condition and may include hands on bodywork, instruction for posture, pain management, breath integration, proper technique and/or training on the mat and on Pilates equipment including the reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, barrel and ped-a-pull.
You will find yourself prepared to participate fully in life and enjoy any recreational activity of your choosing with increased awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses while having learned how to prevent injury, pain and over exertion. This series will assist you in creating great personal training habits and increase physical and mental efficiency which facilitates an increase in energy, combating fatigue, stress and anxiety. 
Healthy posture, core strength, increased flexibility & range of motion, fluidity of movement and inner balance will be yours as a result of this finely tuned program.
Drawing on her key disciplines of…
-Alexander Technique
-The work of Ida Rolf
-Energy Balancing
-Release Technique
-Intuitive Guidance
-Professional Dance Training
-Deep Tissue Manipulation
-Movement Visualization
-and Genuine Care for your Physical and Mental Health…
Dianné will work with you through four comprehensive, hands-on, informative and transformative sessions so you can identify inefficient structural and habitual patterns and transform pain, tension, inactivity and/or roadblocks into physical fitness so you can look and feel great!
This 4 Week Introductory Series offers:
-An Initial Consultation: 50 minutes
-3 Healing/Training Sessions: 50 minutes each
-A Plan for Daily At Home Movement and Therapeutic Exercises
-Access to the 4Pillars4Health Membership Portal for FREE!
-Additional Support Materials in the Membership Portal
-Bonuses worth $60+
-Specialized Attention with a Caring Focus on Your Needs and Goals
-Appointments in The Yurt; a truly unique, inspiring, centering and high vibrational healing space for deep integration.
*If you are struggling with pain, tension, lethargy, poor health, compromised range of motion or sluggish rehabilitation, this program will be of immense value.
*If you need a trainer or coach to heighten your physical fitness, art form, recreation or sport, this program will be of immense value.
*If you are preparing for surgery or recovering, this program will be of immense value.
4 Week Introductory Series Price:

In Person at the Yurt

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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

-Thomas Edison

6 Principles of Pilates

Flowing Movement


“To neglect one’s body for any other advantage is the greatest of follies.”

-Arthur Schopenhauer


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