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4Pillars4Health EcoSpace

Precision Pilates & Bodywork

Precision Pilates for Deep Integration

Four Pillars Pilates & Bodywork is a one-on-one muscular reprogramming therapia. The emphasis of this work is on integration of the four elements of the human condition: body, mind, spirit and self with the intent of serving those who are willing and ready to do the work necessary to retrain inefficient habitual patterns of the musculoskeletal system and related energy systems into health, strength, alignment and vitality. The base of this work is derived from the genius work of Joseph Pilates and Ida Rolf including elements of Alexander Technique, Dance Technique, Sports Massage, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Chakra Integration, Energy Balancing, Movement Visualization and the cumulative knowledge and experience of practitioner Dianné Jean Aldrich. Clients served are of all ages and levels of physical wellness including, but not limited to, pre/post-surgery, performers, athletes, disabled. It is the goal of 4PP&B to enrich the awareness of the clients current physical and life choices and then to guide those choices toward conscience attainment of health and happiness.

Pilates Circuit Training

A small group (3 – 6 students) training on mat and Pilates equipment including the reformer, cadillac, wunda chair, barrel and ped-a-pull in the truly unique, inspiring and centering 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace.  The yurt offers a high vibration for deep integration.

You will find yourself prepared to participate in life and any recreational activity of your choosing with increased awareness of your personal strengths and weaknesses while having learned how to prevent injury and over exertion. The class will assist you in creating great personal training habits and increase physical and mental efficiency which facilitates an increase in energy, combating fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Healthy posture, core strength, increased flexibility & range of motion, fluidity of movement and inner balance will be yours as a result of this finely tuned Pilates Circuit Training class.

6 Principles of Pilates

  •     Concentration

  •     Precision

  •     Control

  •     Breathing

  •     Flowing Movement

  •     Centering

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” -Thomas Edison

“To neglect one’s body for any other advantage is the greatest of follies.” -Arthur Schopenhauer

Core & Restore

Class currently offered through UW-Health Online via ZOOM.  Mondays 10:00 am starting January 25, 2021

Explore how you, too, can move from pain, inactivity, depression, resistance to life’s joy, poor posture into a new understanding of how your body-mind-spirit connection is easily re-trained from old, limiting habits into a new freedom of vitality and effortless effort. Apply the content of this multi-week week workshop and ongoing class into every part of your life including your physical activities, work, intimate relationships and connection through your five senses to the earth and all its wonders.

“It’s my experience that people who understand and respect their bodies tend to have an open and compassionate perspective on life. My mission, as a writer, teacher and bodyworker, is to help people further that understanding and respect. I believe that becoming more attuned to our physical experience affects the choices we make in relation to ourselves, to our fellow human beings, our environment and to our planet. My mission, then, is to contribute to humanity’s deeper embodiment.

We cannot separate posture from movement or activity from how we stabilize our bodies in order to act. How we stabilize ourselves determines our posture and the freedom, efficiency, and grace with which we move. The essence of posture, then, is the unique way in which each of us negotiates between moving and holding still in relationship to gravity.”

~Mary Bond

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