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Iron Maidens “The Most Awesome Female Muscle in the World” by Kristin Kaye – Kindle


At age twenty-three and fresh out of drama school, Kristin Kaye landed her dream job: to write and direct a Broadway show in New York City starring twenty-five of the world’s strongest and most muscular women. The name of the show? ‘The Celebration of the Most Awesome Female Muscle in the World.’ Her mandate? To turn The Celebration into a High Art Happening exalting women’s physical and intellectual strength.

But the dream turned quickly into a nightmare. Could adaptations of the doyennes of feminist literature co-exist with a bodybuilder showcasing her talents clad in a white lace thong shrouded in fake smoke? Or spinning from the rafters by her neck? Kaye tells the whole wonderful story here, alternating between an account of the show and an expose of the world of women’s bodybuilding including the use of steroids, the side business of strong women wrestle men for money, and a judging controversy that threatens to split the sport in two.

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