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"The Way of Qigong"
for Couples

An Exciting Adventure into Blissful Communion & Powerful Partnership


The Ultimate Nature of a Relationship is Deep and Abiding Connection. A Journey from Self to Soul to Beloved Ignites A Life You Love Living!

Working on your energy body in the context of a relationship offers extraordinary benefits

To reap the full rewards of your relationship, your Aura of Love must be amplified through intention, communion and techniques that enhance the connection, trust and divinity between you and your lover.
In this Spring Workshop, Dianné Jean Aldrich will meet you where you are at and guide you through ten comprehensive, intimate, enriching, informative and transformative sessions so you can maximize your inner power and boost your relationship with ancient forms of energy restoration. Meditation, teachings, couples qigong and sharing from the heart with Dianné Jean Aldrich will give you access to the ancient wisdom of amplifying the power and pleasure of partnership.
As you take time to step out of your daily patterns and open to new possibilities; joy, ease, increased focus and vitality will be yours while relieving the physical tension, mental stress, emotional imbalance, energetic stagnation, pain, confusion and overwhelm that can damage a relationship. Your energy levels will balance and harmonize improving mental, physical, emotional and relationship health.
You are invited to comprehend the essence of relationship and infuse your relationship with amplified light for a sacred and thriving lifestyle. You are invited to take an Inner Pilgrimage; A journey to meet your Internal Wisdom, your Internal Love, and your Internal Creative Life Force-Power. The warm light of your wisdom eliminates all distraction. The gentle restoration of your love nurtures your open heart. Creativity, curiosity, power, pleasure and the will to good are restored. When your wisdom, love and power enhance the wisdom, love and power of your beloved, magic is ignited. As your Soul communes with the Soul of your love, bliss is a direct experience and a powerful partnership is formed, built and amplified.
Drawing on her key disciplines of…
-Shaolin Qigong: The 18 Lohan Hands
-Religaré & The 3 Keys of the Ancient Mystery Schools
-The Meditation of Self Remembering
-Kundalini Yoga
-The 4 Pillars of Science, Mystery, Philosophy and Art
-The Direct Experience of Universal Energy
-Soul Inspired Discipline
-Intuitive Guidance
-and Genuine Care for the Spiritual Health of your relationship…
Dianné will offer a magnificent blend of foundational wisdom, essential energy concepts, techniques for conscious alignment with your bliss, Qigong forms, practical meditations that can be used in the daily life, a roadmap to profound mental clarity, healing guidance, loving care and sensitive compassion.
10 In Person 60 Minute Classes for the Couple
10 In Person 15 Minute Q&A’s post class
April 20th – June 29th
(No Class – May 11th)
Thursday Evenings: 6:15 – 7:30 PM
Spring Workshop Price: $800 per couple
4Pillars4Health EcoSpace/The Yurt
Monona, Wisconsin
Address & Details Available Upon Registration
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“To Walk in Self Remembering is to Walk in Peace and in Love.”

-Willaru Huayta

“Our Cosmic Duty is to move from the mechanical experience of this life to the conscious connection with all of life.”

-Dianné Jean Aldrich

“Peace is all around us. It is not a matter of faith; it is a matter of practice.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh


“True Qigong is fundamentally a meditation in movement technique, a training in attention and awareness, with exceptional beneficial side effects on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Meditators, artists, creators, intellectuals, businessmen, sportsmen, diseased, disabled, as well as high level athletes will fully benefit from the discovery and practice of this Art, experiencing a quantum leap in whatever one is into.
Shaolin Qigong can be practiced on three different levels: the level of Form (or physical exercise); the level of Energy (making a conscious effort to increase energy and clear blockages); and the level of Mind (where a heightened state of consciousness enables the practitioner to manipulate energy to effect healing).”

Expected Results of Shaolin Qigong: The 18 Lohan Hands

 -Learn the skills to be at the same time focused and relaxed.
    -Experience a significant increase of energy level, thus being able to face any situation with optimum potential.
    -Be able to generate an abundant internal energy flow to prevent or overcome diseases, clearing physical, emotional and mental blockages, dissolving unconscious and conscious tensions, harmonizing all the systems of the body; respiratory, nervous, immune, hormonal, etc.
    -Acquire a simple and efficient method to control and release stress.
    -Acquire the power to concentrate better and for longer periods of time.
    -Experience inner peace and an increased joy of living.
    -Feel anchored in the Now, through awareness of the inner energy field of your body.
    -Be perfectly equipped at the end of the course to practice efficiently on one’s own.
    -Heightened awareness, even when not formally practicing Qigong.
    -Joyful sense of aliveness, inhabiting oneself from within, aware, at ease and natural.
    -Intimacy with the life force and with nature.
    -On a holistic level, the practice of this Art leads to the mastery of the Art of Living, simply and harmoniously, in all circumstances.
    -In Chinese, good Qi also means good luck!


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  • Balance
  • ​Alignment
  • ​Mobility
  • Release of Tension
  • Release of Pain
  • ​Core Integration
  • Joint Stability
  • ​Strength


  • Focus
  • ​Serenity
  • Concentration
  • ​Contemplation
  • ​Clarity
  • ​Awareness
  • ​Precision
  • ​Radiance


  • ​Smile of the Heart
  • Effortless Effort (Wu Wei)
  • ​Chi Flow
  • ​Prana
  • ​Qigong Forms
  • ​Elegance
  • ​Gratitude: Love​
  • Graciousness: Wisdom


  • Communion
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Commitment
  • Adoration
  • Communication
  • Sensuality
  • The Elixir of Long Life

The Way of Qigong for Couples Workshop offers an extraordinary experience leaving your relationship amplified and transformed after each session!


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