THE COUPLES WORKSHOP with Dianné Jean Aldrich

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Rising Couples

Couples who are committed to the evolution of their relationship find a safe and empowering space within Rising Couples. Sexual, emotional and spiritual maturity and delight are key to a thriving partnership. The need for training and guidance in these challenging times is great. Divorce continues to be on the rise, pain due to marital struggles such as infidelity and negligence is rampant, children are suffering due to the toxic relationships of their parents. The confusion and discontent that men are suffering has become well known and women are tired and distracted from the most precious parts of life as they try to do it all and lose themselves and their families in the overwhelm. There is another way. The Path of Sacred Sexual Alchemy offers a unique call to action. To call upon the commitment to love is to commune with your beloved in deep intimate awareness.


Practices accessible to couples at any stage


The essence of good living is good loving


Let’s Live the Light in Vibrant Love

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