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Sacred LifeStyle Coaching

“… when I think of (Dianné Jean Aldrich), I think of a holistic and intuitive healer that is able to address a person or a couple as a whole through the physical, the mental, and the spiritual layers, using a toolkit that is so varied and impressive, … from meditation to marriage counseling to spiritual practices.  Her background… gives her the expertise to make assessments and intuit the root cause of a person’s ailment and devise a healing program using a toolkit that suits the individual…”

-Pavitra Misra, Madison, WI

Sacred LifeStyle Coach Dianné Jean Aldrich is a committed Student of the Life and co-author with Inca Chasqui, Willaru Huaryta, of the soon to be released “Vibrant Love Mystery School Card Deck”.

“Our Cosmic Duty is to move from the Mechanical experience of this life to the Conscious connection with all of life.”  

-Dianné Jean Aldrich

Sacred LifeStyle Coaching for the Individual

The 7 Year Cycles of Liberation; Ego Dissolution for the Individual

Sample Topics:  Leading from the Heart, Initiation, Cosmic Duty, Discipline and Expanding Stewardship, Discipleship in the Age of Aquarius.

One Hour Session Cost:  $90

Sacred LifeStyle Coaching for the Couple

Chakana Illumination; Relationship Training for the Couple

Sample Topics:  Sacred Sexual Alchemy, The Path of the Perfect Matrimony, Evolution Together

One Hour Session Cost:  $120

Sacred LifeStyle Coaching for the family

A Family of Health & Happiness

Sample Topics:  Life of Harmony, Overcoming Grief, Conscious parenting at any age or stage, from Competition to Cooperation

One Hour Session Cost:  $120

“My body recognized something I didn’t, you are truly a sacred, wise teacher and you shine with much light…” 

-Bernadette Harrington, Cross Plains, WI

The Perfect Matrimony

God as Father is Wisdom. God as Mother is Love.

God as Father resides in the Eye of Wisdom.

The Eye of Wisdom is situated between the eyebrows.

God as Love is found in the Heart-Temple.

Wisdom and Love are the two Toral Columns of the Great White Lodge.

To love, what a beautiful thing it is to love.

Only the great Souls can, and know how to love. Love is infinite tenderness…

Love is the life that palpitates in every atom, as in every Sun.

Love cannot be defined because it is the Divine Mother of the World; it is what occurs to us when we are really in love.

No one has ever been able to define Love. One must experience it and feel it. Only the greatest lovers really know that which is called Love.

Love begins with a flash of delicious sympathy, is substantiated with infinite tenderness, and is embodied in supreme adoration.

The Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings who adore each other absolutely.

The Perfect Matrimony is the union of two beings who really know how to love.


-Samael Aun Weor, Avatar of the Aquarian Age. “The Perfect Matrimony”

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