THE COUPLES WORKSHOP with Dianné Jean Aldrich

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Vibrant Love Mystery School

The Kingdom of the Gods is open to all who genuinely seek entrance for the good of humanity. With spiritual integrity, we know ourselves to be Children of the Light and we play in this Garden of Paradise. Soon enough, we recognize ourselves as part of a universal family; guided and held by the forces of evolution. Each individual is seen and known as an expression of divinity. Each an important mathematical number in the cosmic equation. In due time, we will each be called to the steps of the proverbial Mystery School governed, as it is, by the tenants of Resonance, Creativity, Discipline, Truth. We will choose to walk up the steps and into the Mystery School as we pass through the Four Pillars of Mystery, Art, Philosophy and Science. We approach the open gateway of the Ageless Wisdom, we gain entry into the essence of divine knowingness which is found within the Temple of the Heart.


Come in a good way with an open heart and an open mind


The essence of good living is good loving


Let’s Live the Light in Vibrant Love

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