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Dianné Jean Aldrich

Dianné Jean Aldrich is the owner of 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, a sacred, transformative and inspirational space dedicated to the care of physical, mental and spiritual health. She has a dynamic background in the healing and performing arts and shares her passion, expertise and insight with a wide audience through the Ancient Mother MoonLodge, the Vibrant Love Academy, the Vibrant Love Academy for Couples and through the Vibrant Love Mystery School in collaboration with Willaru Huayta. 
Dianné Jean Aldrich is recognized as a Medicine Keeper within the ceremonial moon lodge. Raised in Wisconsin, praising God with love and joy within the Pentecostal Charismatic Church, gateways opened and she found her way to the sacred heritage of her ancestors. Her matrilineal line is of the Santee, Dakota tribe and her father’s line is a mix of Erie, Cherokee and Celtic descent. In 1997, her Elders gave her the responsibility to walk as a Pipe Carrier and Water Pourer, to pray on behalf of the people, in the tradition of the Lakota.
Dianné is a graduate of the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. Based in New York City for over 14 years, she is an international performer, choreographer, teacher and producer and received the prestigious Thayer Fellowship in the Arts from the State University of New York in 1993. 
Dianné is a Spiritual Journey Consultant and Integrated Wellness Expert with more than 30 years of experience. Those who work with Dianné can anticipate a genuine connection from the heart, a precision approach to assessing and correcting inefficient structural and neuromuscular habits, improved overall well-being and profound guidance on their Spiritual Health Journey. She is masterful at holding sacred space for peace, healing, spiritual growth, sacred circles and ceremony.
Dianné returned to Wisconsin in 2003 to enjoy the pleasures of being a mother in a family friendly part of the Midwest and to offer back to her community of origin all that she had gained in the way of experience, knowledge, pilgrimage, prayer and divine inspiration with her Elders, Master Teachers and the Great White Brotherhood. For her passionate commitment to the Water as a Water Carrier and facilitator of the Lake Monona Water Walk, Dianné is A New People Choice Award Recipient – 2015 – A dedicated Global Citizen who is Leading from the Heart!”

Willaru Huayta

Willaru Huayta is a Chasqui, a Messenger of the Sun, in the sacred tradition of the Inca. 
Willaru was born into a traditional Quechuan family deep within the Andean Mountains. He spent many years as a shaman within the Amazon Jungle of Peru. One day, while in deep meditation, a Lumurian Master approached him from the fourth dimension. Willaru was instructed by the Great White Brotherhood, the Hierarchy of Light, to lay down his shaman robe and travel as a Spiritual Messenger. Willaru now works as a bridge, bringing knowledge from the ancient Inca civilization to modern society during these transitional times in which we live. 
Willaru has an honored reputation as a Quechua Elder and an excellent travel and spiritual guide. He offers fabulous Peruvian pilgrimages with transcendental knowledge year round. For more than 35 years he has worked in collaboration with facilitators around the world including Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, Elders Without Borders, Thomas Morton and Dianné Jean Aldrich, just to name a few, to offer the ancient knowledge that can be found throughout the sacred sites of the Andean Mountains including Machu Picchu. 
Willaru has traveled around the world to share the wisdom of the Inca Spirituality and the messages of the Great White Brotherhood of the superior dimensions. Facilitators in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Holland, Norway, Israel, Spain and Germany have all hosted his lectures, presentations, ceremony and workshops.

Sifu Pragata

Pragata Blaise spent 20 years in quest of truth in India, receiving the teachings of great living masters. During this time, he was initiated into many healing and meditation techniques. In the year 1993, he went to China to receive his first initiation into Qigong from one Taoist and one Buddhist master. After 6 years of intense practice and further learning, he met with Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, who taught him the skills of the Shaolin Wahnam lineage, thus taking him to a high level Qigong. 
Outstanding results on the physical and mental plane started to manifest. After several years of dedicated practice, Pragata started teaching the 18 Lohan Hands with the blessing of Sifu Wong. His students are achieving most remarkable results. Pragata’s teaching is naturally strongly colored by the years he spent sitting at the feet of his Indian Masters, first Osho, then beloved Satguru Papaji and now in Portugal with Ganga, the radical remover of illusion.
Pragata is the cofounder, together with his long time friend Rama, of “La Montaña Azul – Centro de Formacion y Retiros” in Costa Rica. He teaches Shaolin Qigong in Europe and the US, in hospitals, Zen monasteries, yoga communities and centers for Transformation, as well as in the corporate world to executives and decision makers.

Andre Ferrella

Andre Ferrella is known as an Evolutionary Artist, Spiritual Engineer, Multimedia Architect, The Spirit Box Creator, Discoverer of The Living Picture and an Interdimensional & Metaphysical Fine Artist.
Andre graduated as a Medical Illustrator from the University of Toledo/Toledo Museum of Art School of Design and received a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
He discovered an organic photographic process called “The Living Pictures,” also know as “The Mold Picture Process,” that bridged the gap between micro and macro space. He has been nationally and internationally collected and exhibited at renowned institutions.
Andre creates as “The Artist of The Spirit” who devotes his life to bring Divine information from the other side of the veil. During a reading from Lee Carroll, KRYON described Andre as “The Evolutionary Artist, a Master of Light”. Andre brings the gift of accessing the other side of the veil via the interdimensional devices he has created.
Andre brings to his art a lifetime of spiritual study and exploration into the world’s sacred traditions and iconography.  With his indisputable technical virtuosity, Ferrella is able to reveal higher orders of reality and the interconnectedness of existence that has been described by ageless enlightened teachers and mystics. Ferrella communicates these ineffable spiritual experiences and phenomena through his Art as he enables our own explorations and awakenings.
Andre Ferrella taught Creative Fine Art, Photography and Visual Design at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for more than 20 years.

4Pillars4Health EcoSpace

The 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace is a manifestation of the Spirit led vision of Dianné Jean Aldrich. In 2008, after 15 years of dedicated work with her beloved master teachers and elders, Dianné envisioned creating a space that would be an inspiration to others as they considered taking care of their physical, mental and spiritual health. She brings a special spiritual connection to her work with people and to the EcoSpace that is the hallmark of her lifetime of training in the worlds of dance, fitness, qigong, bodywork, coaching and ritual.
When you enter the EcoSpace you step into a very special and sacred world; an eco-conscious Yurt offering an opportunity to raise your consciousness and uplift your life through Precision Pilates, Healing Bodywork, Mystery School Teachings, Practical Meditation, Transformative Ritual, Professional Dance, Essential Qigong, Sacred LifeStyle Coaching, Energy Balancing, Ceremonial Yoga, Sustainability Workshops, Music Concerts, Art Showings, Essential Oil Treatments, Moonlodge and more. One must enter the space to fully realize its value.  It is immediately relaxing, nourishing, restorative, healing and truly inspiring. It is the place to create or enhance your integrated wellness practice.
Located in Monona, within the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, the 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace is the ultimate Urban Retreat. Nestled within a woodland wonderland of native plants, winding paths, giant oak trees, meditation portals, a medicine wheel and the seasonal beauty of the Arcadia Gardens, this beautiful Yurt blesses and uplifts as the sky shines down through a five foot dome skylight, a warm fire burns in the hearth, and the scents of cedar, sage, palo santo, frankincense and sweetgrass fill the air. Please plan to spend a few meditative moments prior to or after a session or ceremony in pleasure and in communion with the EcoSpace and within the gardens. 
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