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Enter an Experience of Discovery & Self-Realization With Mystery School Initiate Dianné Jean Aldrich

This life offers each one of us the opportunity for radiant health, expansive happiness and deep connection with all that we love and cherish. When we enter a portal of possibility, no matter the challenges that the various stages of life might present, we enter the potential for transformation. To enter this Membership Portal is to choose possibility. To choose the highest potential that life has to offer. To enter this Membership Portal is a step on the Path of Self Realization; gaining conscious awareness, moment by moment, of the magic, beauty, power and sacred soul that you are.

Freedom ~ Intimacy ~ Power


Ideal for Beginners and Longtime Practitioners Alike


Vitalize your Health. Deepen your Relationships. Thrive as your Soul’s Purpose.


Take Your Entire Life to the Next Level

Your Membership Includes:

*A Discovery Call with Dianné Jean Aldrich
Identify the Next Right Step on your Spiritual Health Journey

*$60+ in Bonuses
Receive Immediate Credits, Gift Certificates & Discounts

*Support Materials & Teachings
Explore the Wisdom of the Ancient Mystery Schools alongside Contemporary Practices for Ultimate Health and Happiness

*Free Ebook
The Inca Transcripts: Wisdom, Love & Guidance from the Ancient Machu Picchu Mystery School with Inca Chasqui Willaru Huayta

*VIP Calendar
Book your Classes, Courses, Appointments and Events in the Membership Portal with Priority Registration

*Vibrant Love Online Group Gathering
Complimentary Registration into the Mystery School Zoom Room

*Live the Light
Exclusive FB Group of the Vibrant Love Academy, the Vibrant Love VR Academy for Couples and the Vibrant Love Mystery School

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