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Women have traditionally gathered to celebrate the natural rites of passage from Child to Maiden to Mother to Crone and to honor the beautiful gifts that each season of life brings forth.

Dianné Jean Aldrich is recognized as a Medicine Keeper within the ceremonial moon lodge. Raised in Wisconsin, praising God with love and joy within the Pentecostal Charismatic Church, gateways opened and she found her way to the sacred heritage of her ancestors. Her matrilineal line is of the Santee, Dakota tribe and her father’s line is a mix of Erie, Cherokee and Celtic descent. In 1997, her Elders gave her the responsibility to walk as a Pipe Carrier and Water Pourer, to pray on behalf of the people, in the tradition of the Lakota. In 2001, on Vision Quest in the Andean Mountains of Peru, she was given the directive to awaken the Teachings and Ceremony of the Women’s Moon Lodge and has been facilitating Rite of Passage Ceremonies and Moon Lodge Circles ever since. The Ancient Mother MoonLodge has been meeting monthly since 2003.

Child ~ Maiden ~ Mother ~ Crone


Transformation, Empowerment, Wisdom and Care through Song, Meditation, Medicine, Story and Teachings

Rite of Passage

Essential for Blossoming into Gracious Responsibility and Beauty through Each Cycle of the Life


A Tradition of Inclusivity and Inspiring Love Lives Here

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*A Discovery Call with Dianné Jean Aldrich
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Reserved Access to 12 Monthly Moon Lodge Circles

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Explore the Women’s Wisdom of the Ancient Mystery Schools alongside Contemporary Practices for Ultimate Health and Happiness

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Members are Invited to a Spectacular Weekend of Ceremony, Teachings, Swimming, Camping and Joy at the Carter Farm in Argyle, WI

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