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Aroma~Qi Restoration Treatment

Aromatherapy ~ Bodywork ~ Energy Balancing

It is Time for Loving Care & Sensitive Compassion

Awaken and align your Etheric Body with this rejuvenating Aroma~Qi Restoration session. Amplify your inner power and boost your immune system with a blissful combination of meditation, bodywork, energy balancing, aromatherapy and sharing from the heart with Dianné Jean Aldrich.
Aroma~Qi Restoration will give you access to your own inner light, multi-dimensional vitality and personal power to transform life circumstances for the good.
This 90 minute treatment will meet you where you are at and offer a deeply effective and transformative experience for transmuting pain, depression, confusion, stress, anxiety, grief, overwhelm, pre and postpartum challenges, sexual or menstrual irregularities, and more.
Aroma~Qi Restoration Treatments are sessions of exquisite light and care.
-Restore inner balance
-Receive internal guidance
-Relax physical, mental, emotional and energetic tension
-Re-align with your higher purpose
-Remember your gifts and personal medicine
-Rejoice in the privilege and blessing of Life
Drawing on her key disciplines of…
-Healing Bodywork
-Young Living Essential Oils
-The Direct Experience of Universal Energy
-Intuitive Guidance
-and Genuine Care for your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health…
Dianné will offer a magnificent blend of loving care and sensitive compassion.
An Aroma~Qi Restoration Treatment offers:
-A 90 Minute Bodywork Session with Aromatherapy, Energy Balancing and Sharing from the Heart
-10 Minutes of Shavasana for Integration, Relaxation and Calming the Nervous System
-Recommendations for Essential Oil Home Care
-Access to the 4Pillars4Health Membership Portal for FREE
-Additional Support Materials in the Membership Portal
-Bonuses worth $60+ in the Membership Portal
-20% Discount on In-Stock Essential Oils & Products
Aroma~Qi Restoration Treatment:
In Person at the Yurt
Contact Details:
Essential Oils are a powerful and effective tool for healing, well-being and vitality.
~If you are looking for an alternative to pharmaceuticals and over the counter medicines or have an interest in supplementing your diet to enhance your vitality and joy, consider essential oils, Dianné will offer recommendations. 
~If you have experience with essential oils and wish to deepen your knowledge and spark new creative uses, Aroma~Qi will be a joyful adventure.  
~If you have a specific physical, mental or emotional health condition you would like to address with essential oils, this treatment will guide you in making complimentary choices to support your healing process.
~If you would like to enhance your energy and/or meditation home practice with essential oils, this session will offer a variety of ideas to support your spiritual practice and goals.
*4Pillars4Health carries a wide range of in-stock Young Living Essential Oil inventory and will happily order what is not in stock on your behalf.

“If you believe in Aromatherapy… it works! If you don’t believe in Aromatherapy… it works!”

– Cristina Proano-Carrion


“Be Curious About the YES!”

-Dianné Jean Aldrich

Aromatherapy is a caring, hands on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to mind, body, and soul.”

-Robert Tisserand


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