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Infidelity Crisis

Infidelity Crisis to Powerful Partnership​


Infidelity Crisis!

3 Critical Steps To Save Your Marriage

Volatile emotions are dangerous! Do not make the communication mistake that will end your marriage. Download my free guide so you can take the next right step.

“In my time with Dianné I have learned it is okay to not be okay. It’s never too late to learn… It will be uncomfortable AND the most valuable adventure. My life now is so much easier, relationships deeper, greater trust in myself, and a broader understanding of what is possible. Learning to surrender may be my biggest victory.”

-Kim Baker, Client & Student Since 2006

Infidelity Crisis​ Coaching Program

Infidelity Crisis is a program designed for couples who want to save their marriage but the pain of infidelity, neglect and resentment seems insurmountable. A crisis of serious grief, shame, confusion, disillusionment and heartbreak threatens to crush the dreams, history and future of the relationship.

In this program, Dianné Jean Aldrich will guide a couple through four phases of healing reconnection. Each of those phases have four stages of focus, learning and application. Each of those four stages have four steps which will be unique to the couple based on their personalities, traditions and even their culture. Moving from grief and humiliation, through restoration, revitalization and into deep sacred communion will aid the couple in their healing, processing, and reuniting.

Care, compassion, wisdom and intelligent application of both ancient and contemporary techniques for coaching a couple through turbulent waters offers a safe and successful approach to transformation.

  • 7 Full Months of Support, Guidance, Training, Direction and Encouragement so you can succeed in establishing a newly inspired relationship of sexual intimacy, unconditional love and powerful partnership.
  • 15 Individual/Couple Coaching Appointments so you and your partner can receive the emotional guidance, intimate support and relationship training that you need.
  • Membership Access to the 2023 Infidelity Crisis Online Course so you can learn ancient wisdom, contemporary knowledge and practical techniques to evolve and transform your relationship.
  • Exclusive ZOOM Room & Book Club so you can share stories, consider ideas and discuss topics that empower you and your relationship.
  • Community Support through the Live the Light Exclusive Facebook Group so you can connect with others and not feel isolated on this profound new journey.
  • Support Materials & Teachings: A new tool each week for your relationship toolkit so you can build a solid foundation for thriving intimacy.
  • The Next Right Relationship Step Consultation so you can create a plan for deepening your newly inspired intimacy and ignite a purpose filled relationship.
  • 4Pillars4Health Portal Membership so you can enjoy all the bonuses and benefits that 4Pillars4Health has to offer.
  • Exclusive Invitation to the Rise In Love Retreat for Couples so you can immerse yourself in relationship bliss, elevation, in depth training and fun.

“To Walk in Self Remembering is to Walk in Peace and in Love.”

-Willaru Huayta

“Our Cosmic Duty is to move from the mechanical experience of this life to the conscious connection with all of life.”

-Dianné Jean Aldrich

“Peace is all around us. It is not a matter of faith; it is a matter of practice.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

Take Action: Swift, Safe, Smart & Steady

Reignite: Trust, Intimacy, Love & Partnership


Infidelity Crisis! 3 Critical Conversations You Need To Save Your Marriage

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