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Messages & Meditations inspired by the teachings of Inca Chasqui Willaru Huayta and the Masters of the Esoteric Science draw us together in a divine embrace as One Sacred Family.

The ORS workshops are for all those interested in the ESSENCE of the religious/spiritual traditions and how this ESSENCE can dramatically transform the daily life into one of tranquility, purpose, compassion and spiritual power.

Presenting the 3 Steps of the Self Realization including the HAM SAC practice for dissolving that which blocks the flow and presence of your Soul’s energy and purpose.

The Invitation: Transform the self to become an example of Radiant Light for others.

Together we will create peace and abundance for all.


Join Dianné Jean Aldrich in an evening of exquisite light and care.

The tools and techniques needed to build your Light Body will be explored, experienced, taught and encouraged.

Journey within the embrace of Group Consciousness to the center of your Being to experience:

*the truth of who you are
*the vitality inherent in your multi-dimensional form
*the ancient wisdom guiding the evolution of our planet

Each evening will include such experiences as guided meditation, qigong, teachings, question/answer and sharing from the heart.

This is a circle of sacred community calling all hearts and minds of pure intent.

Welcome to ORS: One Sacred Family.

May you find peace, love, light and sacred power here.

What does the ORS Workshop offer?

The ORS Workshop Offers You The Opportunity To Ask Questions And Receive Personalized Guidance On The Topics Offered In The Vibrant Love Mystery School Events, Gatherings, Classes And Courses.

  • We will begin each session with a brief practice in the Self Remembering.
  • We will Share from the Heart on topics that are of interest.
  • Your personal questions will elicit coaching and practical strategies.
  • You will learn how to implement the esoteric teachings into the daily life in order to overcome challenges unique to your spiritual growth, to the negotiation of your Karma and suffering, to the awakening of your consciousness and to the blossoming of your Dharma through Soulful integration.
  • We will conclude our time together with a community meditation to amplify Light in support of our spiritual health, wealth, relationships and in service to our collective evolution toward Light, Love and Spiritual Power.
  • Select gatherings: We will welcome Inca Chasqui Willaru Huayta for teachings and guided meditation.

You are encouraged to email questions in advance of the workshop gatherings to LiveTheLight@4p4h.com
Please post “ORS Question” in the Subject Line.

To Receive Further Details and Reserve Your Place in the Sacred Family Circle:

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