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A Sacred Tour to Peru will change your LIFE and elevate your SOUL!

Join Us in 2023!

Secret of the Andes

Brother Philips

“High in the Andes Mountains is hidden the monastery of the Seven Rays. Ancient truth and knowledge from highly evolved cultures have been stored there by the Masters for thousands of years. The children of the earth will receive this heritage at the time of their spiritual reawakening.

Those pilgrims who seek spiritual illumination and guidance from now on will be drawn to South America as they have been previously drawn into the Orient. To this end, the directors of the Forces of Nature and the Elemental Kingdom are making preparation toward providing a natural means of access to this higher, untapped spiritual Focus of Illumination in the Andes Mountains of Peru.”

Willaru Shares the Benefit of Sacred Pilgrimages

“In the beginning of every Golden Age, Avatars are sent by the orders of the Great White Brotherhood and the Andean Masters. The sacred sites and mountains around the world become portals from the spiritual dimension to this dimension. People are called to these places where all the great Masters manifest to help us, and bless us and awaken us. When we come with an open heart, we learn to be tranquil in these places. These blessings come especially for people who come in sacred pilgrimage. A sacred pilgrimage will have more benefit, because we take our time, and meditate in these places, and the Masters have time to bond with us.

The Great White Brotherhood and the Andean Masters like to have many representatives in the third dimension, the human kingdom. They work from a higher kingdom with conscious people in the three dimensional world. They also like for people to gather and bring groups to all the sacred sites, honoring, respecting, loving and remembering, and walking with the Great Masters. So this is happening at this time. In Apu Machu Picchu, there are Great Masters. There are many Masters here… very, very big Lemurian Masters too.

They love it when people like us come here. They are happy to help us. They come to us when we are in the Temple of the Heart with the Internal Father/Mother. They embrace us with their light, with their love, and this is part of the Initiation. It is healing and growth that is happening. We are becoming more awake with more illumination. The Masters help us from the higher dimensions, but we have to help ourselves too, and make the journey here to Peru’s sacred sites.

‘Apu Machu Picchu, Apu Waynu Picchu, Apu Putikesi, Apu Salkantay, Apu San Miguel, thanks for calling us, thanks for bringing us here, thanks for opening the dimensional doors in this place.’ The Inti Father-Sun, Pachamama-Earth, the Cosmic Father/Mother and all the Hierarchy of the Andean Masters are waiting for us here. Wiragocha. (We are one) Wirogocha. (We are one)”

Sacred Union Tour

14 Days/14 Nights In The Peruvian Andes

with Incan Spiritual Messenger Willaru Huayta & Your Host Dianné Jean Aldrich

Machu Picchu - Saqsayhuaman - Tipon - Cusco - Sacred Valley Of The Gods - Ollantaytambo - Lake Titicaca - Pisac - Pisac's Indian Market - Moray - Chincheros - And More...

You are invited to join in on a sacred pilgrimage that will transform your life and elevate your being. This amazing 14 day tour package includes:

  • All accommodations: 3-4 star rating, double occupancy, separate beds (single accommodations available upon request)
  • Daily breakfast
  • Domestic flights: Lima to Cusco/Juliaca or Cusco to Lima
  • Private tourist bus transfers in Lima, Cusco and throughout the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca
  • Tourist train to Machu Picchu with return to Ollantaytambo
  • Salary of the tour guides, administration fees, entrance certificates to sacred sites
  • Ceremony, Guided Meditation, the Sacred Teachings of the Inca, the Esoteric Wisdom of the Machu Picchu Mystery School
  • Sacred Sites Tour Guide: Inca Chasqui Willaru Huayta

Sacred Union Tour Host:

Dianné Jean Aldrich and the Vibrant Love Mystery School

The Vibrant Love Mystery School is a sacred, safe space for spiritual growth. We come together to learn, practice and share from our hearts as guided by our Collective Soul. We encourage insightful, provocative and open-minded exploration into the Ageless Wisdom as we seek to balance the intellectual understanding of the material science with the conscious application of the esoteric science.

We gather in person and online to open our minds and our hearts so that we hear the sound of our Soul through meditation, teachings, invocation and evocation. We gather to remember who we are. To remember where we are going. To remember that we are loved and that we are never alone on this Path of the Razor’s Edge.

All are welcome who come in a good way. We invite curiosity, honesty and enjoyment. We gather in love, in unity, in peace, in beauty and ever in the presence of the beginners humble and open mind.

As we learn the language and power of the esoteric science, we amplify our Collective Light through meditation and become part of this great transition through the Iron Age into the Golden Age.

Our generation has the auspicious calling to synthesize diverse spiritual paths and support the dawning of this new era. As conscious Children of the 5th Sun, we hold our concentration in the Temple of the Heart, we walk in Self-Remembering, and we align with the Love, Mercy and Radiance of the Sacred Sun Absolute. The Vibrant Love Mystery School is host to the most remarkable teachers and Elders of the Aquarian Age.

The Sacred Union Tour includes:

Native American Insights: The Inca & the Synthesis of All Religions

An ongoing series of workshops which offer a rare opportunity to receive the traditional wisdom and prophecies of the Inca from Willaru Huayta, known to be one of the most respected of the North and South American Native Elders.

In these lectures and workshops, Willaru works as a bridge bringing knowledge from ancient Incan civilization to modern Western society.

Willaru guides us through three ascending sacred levels ~ practical self-realization, relationship as sacred sexual alchemy, and compassionate service ~ in order to open the way for this emerging humanity.

Additional topics include:

  • The Awakening of the Consciousness
  • Incan Prophecy and Changing Destiny
  • The Mystery of the Aquarian Age
  • The Dimensions of the Universe
  • The Three Keys; Death, Rebirth, Ascension
  • Astral Projection and Meditation as a Daily Journey
  • The Synthesis of all Religions and Traditions
  • The Law of Karma and Dharma
  • The Ray of Death and the Ray of Creation
  • and many, many more…

Gift yourself the opportunity to “Know Thyself ” in ever more intimate depths and expressions of expansiveness.
A life of tranquility, moment by moment, is yours.
A life of creativity, moment by moment, is yours.
A life of beauty, wisdom and sacred power, moment by moment, is yours.

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