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Core, Restore & Radiate Online


Core, Restore & Radiate is a gentle, effective and pleasurable online class series for those that enjoy a mindful pace due to inactivity, age, injury, medical restrictions, pain or the enjoyment of diving into the fundamentals of physical and mental fitness.

This method offers a magnificent blend of foundational core strength, essential flexibility, expansive energy, conscious alignment and mental clarity.
Drawing on her key disciplines of…
-Pilates for core strength
-Dance for flexibility
-Qigong for energy
-Alexander Technique for alignment
-and Meditation for mental clarity…
Dianné Jean Aldrich weaves a fluid, delightful, enriching and informative practice into 60 minute classes so you can enjoy a total wellness makeover that will leave you feeling fabulous and ready for life.
Core, Restore & Radiate ONLINE offers:
– 18 60 Minute Classes
– 18 Q&A Sessions
– 18 Journal Worksheets
– 18 Practice Worksheets
– Additional Support Materials
– Access to the 4Pillars4Health Membership Portal for FREE!
– Bonuses worth $60+
– 5 Downloadable PDF/Ebooks
– A Discovery Call with Dianné Jean Aldrich for Personalized Attention


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