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Registration Open




September 10 – December 19, 2019






If you experience any difficulty with registration or have further questions please contact: or 608-279-5225

Dianné Jean Aldrich

Dianné Jean Aldrich




with Dianné Jean Aldrich

Wednesdays 12:00 Noon at the Yurt.  Mondays 11:30 am at UW-Health/TAC.  Tuesdays 7:00 pm at the Yurt.  Private Sessions by appointment.


QIGONG, Osho Meditation, Tarot, Sat-Chi-Sang, Private Sessions

with Sifu Pragata Blaise

SIFU PRAGATA BLAISE returns to the Yurt!

REGISTRATION OPEN!  October 23rd – 29th, 2019



with Dianné Jean Aldrich

Messages & Meditations inspired by the teachings of Willaru Huayta and the Masters of the Esoteric Science

A Workshop for all those interested in the ESSENCE of the religious/spiritual traditions and how this ESSENCE can dramatically transform the daily life into one of tranquility, purpose, compassion and spiritual power.


  • Tuesday Evenings 7:30 – 9:30 pm  FALL SESSION: TBA
  • Presenting the 3 steps of the Self Realization including the Ham Sac practice for dissolving anger, blame, fear, insecurity, PTSD, apathy, fatigue and all energies which block the flow of a positive healthy mind, body and spirit.  Transform the Self and Be the example for others.  Together we will create peace and abundance for all.
  • Questions:   608-279-5225
  • Location:  4Pillars4Health EcoSpace, 6020 Kristi Circle, Monona, WI 53716
  • Registration: TBA
  • Join us for an evening of Meditation, Exploration, Teachings, Question/Answer and Sharing from the Heart with Dianné Jean Aldrich.



 Willaru Prayer


April 2020:  Itinerary TBA

Community/Corporate Outreach

Community/Corporate Outreach


10 Week Fall Session at UW Health/The American Center with Dianné Jean Aldrich

Mondays September 16th – November 18th

Dance for Health

Enjoy the pleasure of a great workout through dance. Learn about your body, explore graceful alignment, achieve solid balance, increase strength and maximize flexibility. The Luigi Jazz Dance Technique was originally designed as a rehabilitation practice and went on to train the best dancer/performers in the world including Liza Minnelli, John Travolta, Susan Stroman, Bette Midler and many, many more. All levels of experience from the dance beginner to the seasoned professional will benefit from this technique. Dianné Jean Aldrich, a professional NYC dancer, is a long time Master Teacher of this fun and classic technique.   REGISTER HERE


Core and Restore

Each week we learn to identify, align, restore and strengthen a key muscle group of the core body. Attention to individual form compliments periods of deep guided rest, allowing the body to heal and nurture.  REGISTER HERE


Core and Restore 2

In this dynamic and functional class we continue the work of the Core & Restore Workshop by delving deeper into the efficient mechanics of the body.  Each week will offer a series of exercises that strengthen, align, stretch, awaken, harmonize and restore the body.   Attention to individual form compliments periods of deep guided rest, allowing the body to heal, strengthen and nurture.  Pre-Requisite: Core & Restore or permission of instructor.  REGISTER HERE


Meditation in Motion Aerial

Take a short break from your day and set the tone for your week ahead. Relieve physical tension, mental stress, emotional imbalance and energetic stagnation. Meditation in Motion will offer you the gifts of joy, ease, increased focus and productivity while relieving tension, stress and helping to balance  energy levels.  In this Aerial version we will explore the benefits being held in an aerial yoga hammock in addition to our grounding practice.  REGISTER HERE


Healing Waters: Group Medical Visit

Thursdays October 3rd – November 14th

Offering supportive therapy for people struggling with chronic pain, healing waters is an introduction to mindful movement in a warm water pool. The 90-degree temperature will help to relieve pain and stiffness, while buoyancy supports the body and lessens strain on the joints and the spine. Water resistance enables a gradual improvement in flexibility, strength and stamina and is appropriate for all fitness levels.  Each visit will include a brief exam with a physician. Regular office charges will be submitted to your insurance provider.  REGISTER HERE


UW Health Hospital @ The American Center
4602 Eastpark Blvd.
Madison, WI






A Red Tent Sacred Circle for Women & Girls

Meeting the First Sunday of Every Month

October 6th, 2019:  Medicine Wheel Gathering in Mazomanie*

*This month’s Lodge will NOT be held at the Yurt.

Location: 10901 Hudson Rd
Mazomanie, WI 53560-9566

The Ancient Mother MoonLodge offers the opportunity to remember and share in the ancient ways of our Elders and honor the next 7 Generations with wisdom, love and awakened consciousness.


Please visit The MoonLodge Page for details.

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Inquiries: Dianné Jean Aldrich: 608-279-5225


YurtCollageCreate or enhance your current integrated wellness practice in this peaceful yurt with the sky shining down through a five foot dome skylight, a warm fire burning in the wood stove, the scents of cedar, sage and sweetgrass, all while being hugged by the giant white oak trees that surround the space and peek through the windows. Spend a few or more meditative moments prior to or after your session in the wooded wonderland of native plants, winding paths and seasonal beauty of the Arcadia Gardens. Offering the opportunity to raise your consciousness through Pilates, Bodywork, Meditation, Ritual, Dance, Sacred LifeStyle Coaching, Energy Balancing, Sustainability Workshops, Essential Oil treatments, and more.  Join Dianné Jean Aldrich in the beautiful and nourishing 4Pillars4Health EcoSpace. This unique Urban Retreat is in the heart of Monona and you are most welcome to come and enjoy the moment.